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In one embodiment, a progressive gaming system host web site computer is coupled to a plurality of the central servers at a variety of mutually distant gaming websites for providing a multi-site linked progressive automated gaming system. In one embodiment, a progressive gaming system host site pc could serve gaming devices distributed all through numerous properties at completely different geographical locations including, for example, different locations within a city or different cities inside a state. In operation, the central controller is operable to communicate one or more of the saved game programs to a minimum of one native processor.

In one embodiment, a quantity of gaming gadgets in a gaming system could also be skinny consumer gaming units and a quantity of gaming devices in the gaming system may be thick client gaming devices. In another embodiment, certain functions of the gaming system are applied in a skinny consumer setting and sure different features of the gaming device are applied in a thick client environment. 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D and 4E are perspective check these guys out views of 1 embodiment of the gaming system of the present disclosure which includes a plurality of gaming machines that permits gamers to take part in a major game and upon applicable triggering events a multi-component sport.

In another embodiment, the gaming system allows a participant to wager on and thus activate image positions. In one such embodiment, the symbol positions are on the reels. In this embodiment, if based on the player's wager, a reel is activated, then each of the symbol positions of that reel might be activated and each of the active image positions shall be part of one or more of the ways to win. In one embodiment, if based mostly on the participant's wager, a reel is not activated, then a designated variety of default image positions, corresponding to a single image place of the center row of the reel, might be activated and the default image position will be part of a quantity of of the ways to win. This type of gaming machine allows a player to wager on one, extra or each of the reels and the processor of the gaming system makes use of the variety of wagered on reels to discover out the active symbol positions and the number of attainable ways to win.

In one embodiment, the bonus symbols are wild symbols. 8B and indicated by the show 238, the player of the first gaming machine 232 a wagered a $2 aspect bet and the player of the third machine 232 c wagered a $4 facet wager. Therefore, the participant of the first gaming machine 232 a is enabled to play one play of the multi-component poker game and the participant of the third gaming machine 232 c is enabled to play two plays of the multi-component poker game. It ought to be appreciated that any events within the primary recreation, multi-component game or bonus recreation might affect any other event in the main game, multi-component recreation or bonus sport in any appropriate manner.

In this illustrated embodiment, the gaming system randomly determines to offer two free spin video games to the gamers for the multi-component sport. 9C, the first gaming machine 252 a generates two cash luggage on the payline in the major recreation. The element show gadgets 256 a, 256 b, 256 c and 256 d now show a multi-component game outcome of 6,780. In this example, as illustrated on the information show 118 in FIG.

In another embodiment, only energetic gaming machines show a new component on each of the component display devices. In one other embodiment, solely lively gaming machines carry out the analysis step. 7A, if a player of one of the gaming gadgets achieves or obtains a first triggering occasion or a bonus sport triggering event, the gaming machine permits the player to play the related particular person secondary or bonus recreation, such because the wheel and card games.

In one embodiment, no matter how the determination of the gaming machine that generates a new component is made (i.e. the player, the triggering gaming machine or the central controller), the element triggering occasion and the evaluation occasion are the same event. That is, if the newly generated parts generate a successful end result, the triggering gaming machine provides the player an award. In one such embodiment, the successful mixture or the multi-component successful outcome is the evaluation triggering event, and the participant of the triggering gaming machine with the multi-component winning consequence wins an award. It should be appreciated that this embodiment could embody a participant at each gaming machine of the gaming system and the image mixtures or component combinations are continually changing as players try to get hold of a multi-component award.

In another embodiment, the central controller determines which gaming machines are lively during the incidence of an analysis triggering occasion at one of the different gaming machines. In one other embodiment, the element triggering event and the analysis triggering occasion are the same occasion primarily based on time intervals as described above. In this embodiment, a portion or section of the bet is wagered on the first game and a portion of the bet is wagered on the multi-component sport. In one embodiment, the portion wagered for every recreation is a set percentage or quantity of the bet, for example 90% is wagered on the primary recreation and 10% is wagered on the multi-component recreation. The award provided for each of those games is based on the proportion wagered on that sport. For example, the component and evaluation triggering occasions occur every 5 minutes.

For example, a wager of $1 permits the participant to play blackjack, a wager of $5 allows the participant to play a range game and a wager of $5 permits the participant to play a wheel sport. In one embodiment, the first recreation includes a part triggering event. Upon an occurrence of the element triggering event, that gaming machine and/or other non-triggering gaming machines generate a model new component.